Champions Q-Off – BBQ Pitmasters Season 4 Episode 8 Recap


BBQ Pitmasters heads down to Georgia this week, where 3 former BBQ Pitmasters champions square off in a battle to the BBQ finish!

(NOTE: Spoilers are below.  If you have not seen the show and don’t want to know the results, stop reading now.)

Episode 8 of this season of BBQ Pitmasters was filmed the weekend of April 26-27, 2013 in Barnesville, GA at the Barnesville BBQ and Blues Festival.  The following teams participated in this episode:

The guest judge for this episode is one of my favorite BBQ people of all-time: Danielle Dimovski of DivaQ.  For this episode, the teams were given spare ribs (the 2nd time that this meat has been used this season) and brisket flats, with 10 hours to cook and turn in both entries.  While the meat entries may be considered “easy meats” in terms of familiarity with competition BBQ teams, any form of brisket is difficult to get cooked properly.  With the brisket flat being the leaner part of the brisket, it’s that much more crucial to do things to impart moisture and prevent the meat from drying out. 

The format of the episode is right in line with the others – cooker profiles, meat prep, etc.  With the pedigree and credentials shared between all three teams, it would come down to the most minute details and execution to determine a winner.  And sure enough, this was an extremely close contest with Pellet Envy coming out on top to advance to the next round, followed by Fatback’s BBQ & Rib Shack (2nd) and 10 Bones BBQ (3rd).

My Thoughts, Plus a Drink Count

It was an interesting dynamic to bring back past winners from the last season (and half-season) for an episode.  Having this sort of a contestant roster really upped the ante and pressure to put out the perfect cook.  As a result, I’m sure many aspiring pitmasters were furiously taking notes.

A few other interesting observations and fun facts/opinions:

  • As Rod Gray mentioned on Twitter, the interviews were shot in the Barnesville, GA library.
  • Also noted by Rod on Twitter, the beauty queen for this episode is the daughter of former NBA player Gerald Wilkins and the niece of
  • One neat trick/technique shown on this episode: Corey’s trick on pushing the meat between the rib bones down in order to expose the bone.
  • I really, really, really, REALLY wish the scores would be made known at the end of each episode (similar to what is done with each episode of Iron Chef America). 
  • It’s a close race so far between Mark of 10 Bones BBQ and Glenn Close of Fat Jack’s BBQ (on the third episode of this season) for the Most Outrageous Pants award for this season.
  • Has anyone else noticed that for most of the episodes, the guest judge gets the dubious honors of announcing the last place finisher? 

And for the drink count… I counted 33 drinks broken down as follows:

  • “That’s Me” – 18 drinks
  • Injection/Flavor Profile – 6 drinks
  • Trash Talking – 3 drinks
  • Butter/Squeeze Butter – 6 drinks

Tell me what you thought of this episode.

  • Yeah, I made mental note of the push down trick too.