A NY State of ‘Cue – BBQ Pitmasters Season 4 Episode 7 Summary


This week, BBQ Pitmasters makes the trek north of the Mason-Dixon line to the New York City BBQ Cookoff on Staten Island for this week’s episode.  While not traditionally considered a BBQ destination, New York City is home to such well-known BBQ restaurants such as Fette Sau, Hill Country, and Blue Smoke.  So let’s check out this week’s episode!

(NOTE: Spoilers are below.  If you have not watched this week’s episode and don’t want to know the results, stop reading.)

Episode Synopsis

The teams on this week’s episode are:

Making a return to the show as a guest judge for this week is Melissa Cookston of Memphis Barbecue Co (she was also the guest judge for last week’s episode).  For this week’s episode, the teams were given pork belly and chicken wings (which had to be cooked with a BBQ flavor) and a total of 12 hours to cook and turn in both products. 

Once again, the format of the show is right in line with those of past episodes – breakdowns of the cookers being used, meat prep, cooking strategies, turn-in box prep, and the much-awaited judging of the entries.  For K CASS BAR-B-QUE, the pork belly posed more of a challenge since it was the first time for the team to cook it.  Ultimately this, along with omission of drumettes from the chicken wing entry, proved to be the downfall for Rich as he came in 3rd.  And in the battle between the pit builders, Stump edged just ahead of Jamie (I’m guessing the overly spicy chicken wings from Jamie was the difference-maker). 

My Thoughts, Plus a Drink Count

While there was not any real sort of trash talking between the contestants shown on the show, I enjoyed tonight’s episode.  The reason: there were so many quotable snippets throughout the show!  And this may have been the first time that the show extensively used sub-titles.  One other random thought: I was a little surprised that no one tried to do a “quick bacon”. 

Tonight’s drink count came out to be 32 drinks broken down as follows:

  • “That’s Me” – 18 drinks
  • Flavor Profiles/Injections – 8 drinks
  • Butter/Squeeze Butter – 3 drinks
  • Trashed Entry – 1 drink
  • Trash Talking – 2 drinks

And For Last Week’s Episode…

And since I missed last week’s episode, I’ll quickly recap it as well.  Episode 6 of this season was filmed at Smoke in the Spring in Osage City, KS.  The following teams were featured on this episode:

The teams on this episode were given turkey legs and brisket point (required to turn in burnt ends).  The competition was intense on this episode, but in the end, Sugar’s Championship Barbecue took first place in this episode, with Pit Bulls Up in Smoke finishing second and Lulu’s Barbque coming in third.