“BBQ Border Battle” – BBQ Pitmasters Season 4 Episode 4 Recap


Hey everyone!  I’m sorry for getting this published so late.  I’ve been on the road the last 2 weeks, and quite frankly I’ve been tied up.  So without further delay, here’s the recap from Sunday’s episode of BBQ Pitmasters – BBQ Border Battle.

(NOTE: As always, if you haven’t seen this episode, stop reading now unless you are okay with spoilers).

Episode Synopsis

This episode was filmed in Slidell, LA at the Slidell BBQ Challenge (March 29-30th) and featured teams from areas not traditionally known for BBQ (although those of you familiar with the competition circuit will recognize these teams).  The following teams competed on this episode:

  • Shiggin’ and Grinnin’ – Delano, MN (pitmaster is Jeff Vanderlinde)
  • The Bastey Boys – Templeton, MA (pitmaster is Andy King)
  • Piggy’s UK – Hugglescote, Leicestershire, UK (pitmaster is Scott Lane)

The guest judge for this episode is William “Bubba” Latimer of Bub-ba-Q.  For this episode, the teams were given 8 hours to cook bone-in pork loin and buffalo brisket (making this the first time buffalo brisket has made an appearance on this series).  With buffalo brisket having 1/3 of the fat of a regular beef brisket, this posed a challenge to the teams to keep the meat moist and juicy throughout the cooking process.  Bacon played a prominent part, with two of the teams using it as a basting agent throughout the cooking process.  Also posing a bit of a conundrum was the presence of the bone-in pork loin – The Bastey Boys had not cooked the meat in a competition setting (but noting that there were ribs, so that was a start), while Piggy’s UK had never cooked it before at all. 

The majority of the episode remained largely in line with the others – an overview of the team’s cookers, cooking methods, and turn-in preparations as well as brief bios of each of the teams.  As the judging took place, it was imminent that this would be a close contest.  This held true, with Shiggin’ and Grinnin’ narrowly edging out The Bastey Boys (2nd) and Piggy’s UK (3rd). 

My Thoughts, Plus a Drink Count

Here are some of my random thoughts in bullet point style:

  • The line of the episode – when talking about the bone-in pork loin, Bubba Latimer notes the importance of wrapping the exposed bones in foil by stating otherwise that they’d end up with “burnt, black, nasty ass pork bones”
  • I was really impressed with the product that Piggy’s UK put together.  They definitely held their own against the other two teams.
  • Buffalo brisket?  Hmmm… I’d like to try and cook that sometime.  Somebody want to send me one?  Are you listening, Buckhead Beef?  😀
  • There wasn’t as much blatant trash talking this episode – it was more subtle this time.  The contestants definitely seemed more business-like in their endeavors.

I’m sure there was probably more, but here’s what I came up with for the drink count:

  • “That’s Me” – 18 drinks
  • Trash Talking – 5 drinks
  • Flavor Profiles / Injections – 10 drinks

Which makes for a grand total of 33 drinks. 

Tell me what you liked or didn’t like about this episode!

  • Beau

    Loved seeing a pitmaster from England–I have had buffalo burgers but not brisket–probably alot healthier for you–

  • I think the buffalo brisket would have been my undoing. Brisket, no problem. Buffalo brisket…uh oh!