BBQ Pitmasters Drinking Game Returns


With the new season of BBQ Pitmasters making its debut this Sunday at 9pm EST, I thought it would be fun to bring back a fun distraction from last season.  But first, let’s check out a video from the new season courtesy of Destination America!

You may remember the Unofficially Official BBQ Pitmasters Drinking Game created by Shane Draper and myself last year.  Well it’s back!  Let’s start out with a base set of rules for this season:

  1. Every time Myron Mixon swears, take a drink.
  2. Take a drink every time there’s trash talking.
  3. Take another drink if the trash talking is between judges.
  4. Take a drink for each mention of “flavor profiles” or “injections”.
  5. Two drinks each time judges absolutely trash an entry.
  6. Take a drink each time a judge completely finishes a sample.
  7. Take a drink for each butter sighting.  Add an extra drink if it’s “squeeze butter”.
  8. This one comes courtesy of Rod Gray of Pellet Envy — Take a drink every time a team identifies itself in The Pits . . . “That’s me, number three…”

Got a rule that you think would be a great fit?  Leave a comment below with the rule you’d like to see added!  And as always, play responsibly…

  • Pellet Envy

    Take a drink every time a team identifies itself in The Pits . . . “That’s me, number three, Pellet Envy.”

    • Brilliant! That’ll guarantee at least 6 drinks every episode. Consider it done!

  • flirtin with smoke

    every ime they show the competitors pits you should drink:)

  • We love this game although we don’t actually drink alcoholic beverages with each required sip or we’d be unconscious by then first break, lol. It is just fun playing the game.

  • Peter Dougherty

    Take a sip every time the show puts up a graphic card describing what a term means (marinade, au jus, bark, etc). I say just a sip cuz otherwise you’ll need a new liver before the season’s over.

    INJECT IS A VERB, darnit! Take a drink every time a team member says they’re going to do “an inject” rather than “an injection” or “I’m going to inject it.”

    Take a drink whenever a team member talks about how secret their rub is. Two drinks when we see it’s a commercial rub, not a home-blend.

    Take a shot when some doofus ignores the rules or is too smart by half, thinking they’ll wow the judges. Guess what. They probably won’t.

  • Greg Rempe

    Every time the show comes back from break and shows you the previous 45 seconds prior to going to break…