Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Sauce

Back in December, I was contacted by Michael Moran from Snazzy Gourmet asking if I wanted to review some of the sauces that are carried on the site.  Absolutely!  I’m always game for trying out sauces.  Today’s review is one of the sauces I received from Snazzy Gourmet.  From the heart of Atlanta GA, here is Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Sauce.


The Story

Fox Bros. got its start in 2000 in the same way a lot of BBQ ventures begin – not finding anything that met expectations.  After getting fed up with not finding any good BBQ in the Atlanta area, Jonathan Fox turned to cooking it.  In 2001, he, along with his brother Justin, started what would be a yearly tradition of an all-you-can-eat BBQ party with friends.  By 2004, the yearly party was elaborate, prompting the brothers to turn to catering.  The BBQ catering eventually turned to a seven-day-a-week affair slinging ‘que at Smith’s Olde Bar, the accolades and press started to roll in, and the brothers teamed up with Dan Nolen, Beau Nolen, and Mike Reeves to open up a standalone BBQ joint. 

The Sauce

Ingredients: water, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, molasses, spices, salt, onion, garlic, xanthan gum, corn syrup, caramel color, anchovy paste, natural flavorings, citric acid

Appearance: Clean, simple label; deep dark red color; pours out on the thin side
Aroma: Combination of vinegar, tomato, and pepper – you immediately get the notion that vinegar plays a prominent part
A Taste: Smooth texture; tangy, sweet, and peppery all rolled into one

The Results

Honestly, I was ready to write this sauce off.  I tried it on chicken in a few different combinations – as a finishing sauce, as a marinade, and as a condiment.  Out of those three, I was happiest with it used as a condiment, and even then it was just okay.  It gave great color when used as a finishing sauce, but I just wasn’t thrilled with the flavors it added.

2013-03-19 19.01.57

2013-03-20 11.01.23

I decided to give it one more try though, and I’m sure glad that I did.  I used it as a cooking sauce/finishing sauce on some turkey sausages.  But instead of adding just a finishing glaze at the end, The sausages got a thin coating of the sauce at the beginning of the cook and two additional times approximately 2-3 minutes apart.  Then after flipping, I repeated the process (3 thin coatings approximately 2-3 minutes apart).  Needless to say, these were delicious!  The sauce thickened up quite nicely on the meat and added great flavor!  The sweet aspects came out much more when cooked, whereas the vinegar flavor was more dominant as a finishing sauce. 


If you’re a fan of sweet & tangy sauces, give this one a try! 


And a special thank you to Snazzy Gourmet for sending me the sauce to review!  You can purchase the sauce from Snazzy Gourmet’s website.  The direct link to the product is here.


  • I might like it since I’m a big fan of vinegar sauces.