New Smoker and New Rub: Adventures in Cooking

Everybody likes a new toy.  It’s okay to admit it… in some form or fashion, we all like to have a new gadget.  I’d like to introduce the newest member of my outdoor cooking arsenal – the 22 1/2” Weber Smoky Mountain smoker!

2012-08-29 10.58.18

The WSM was a prize in the Sting-Kill BBQ Without the Buzz Kill Giveaway random chance drawing.  I quickly assembled it in my garage, but I did not have the opportunity to properly break it in until the day before I had to travel for work for 4 weeks.  So needless to say, I was really excited!

One of the perks of being a BBQ blogger is getting to try new products.  Some of these products are items that are commercially available.  And some of these items are items that are pre-production.  One that I’ll mention today is a BBQ rub from Hog Heaven Foods out of California.  Ira was kind enough to send me two different prototypes of a new BBQ rub – one was saltier while the other was sweeter.  While the two had very similar flavor profiles (garlic, sweet/salty, a touch of cinnamon), we both agreed that the sweeter version had the edge. 

2012-10-10 20.44.21

Try out a new gadget… try out a prototype BBQ rub…  kill two birds with one stone!!  I loaded the smoker up, prepped the meat (I also cooked a second pork butt as well as a pot roast later on in the day), and started cooking!  My wood of choice: pecan.

2012-09-03 09.14.19

I have to say I was pleased with the rub and how it worked on the cooked butt.  Normally I would wrap the butt at about the 4-5 hour mark once it achieved the desired color.  But this time, I decided to leave the butt unwrapped.  The rub gave the butt a nice crusty bark and a great flavor!  The smoke was a bit strong in the pork, though.  Next time, I think I’ll wrap the butts like I usually do.  The prototype rub from Hog Heaven, however… I will be using that again!

2012-09-03 18.12.01

  • Big_AL

    Have fun with your new toy! GREAT color on that pork butt Wayne…I’d take a bark sandwich or two!

  • Kevin Sandridge

    Whoo hoo! Good job winning that smoker man! Looking forward to more pics!

  • Great new smoker, Wayne! I want to get a WSM just because every smoker should have owned one at one point, right?