Review of the Stufz Ultimate Stuffed Burger System

You all know that I’m a huge fan of stuffed burgers.  In particular, my favorite is my “Hot ‘n Nasty” burger stuffed with cheese and diced jalapeno peppers.  Today’s review is of a product that will assist in making those stuffed burgers: the Stufz Ultimate Stuffed Burger System.


Physical Dimensions

  • Diameter: 4 1/2” (5” from hinge to edge)
  • Chamber Height: Between 2 and 2 1/4”
  • Fully Extended Height: 3 1/2”
  • Dishwasher-safe: Yes
  • Material construction: food grade durable plastic

2012-07-29 21.33.03

2012-07-29 21.34.28

About This Product

Stufz is the brainchild of Dave Hanson of Brownstown Township, MI.  As a child, Dave was interested in figuring out how things worked and trying to improve upon them.  This curiosity along with a creative side carried through to a career as an automotive engineer.

It was an unfortunate layoff that allowed Hanson to embrace another passion – inventing new and innovative products to make everyday tasks easier to do.  His first creation, the Stufz Ultimate Stuffed Burger System, started out as a sketch on a paper napkin inspired by seeing friends attempting to put different ingredients between two hamburger patties.


The Stufz burger system has a single mechanism that both seals the patty and forms the pocket. The pocket former is unlocked and locked in place by a slight turn when the handle is all the way to the top.




There are three steps to creating a stuffed burger using Stufz:

  1. Use the pocket former to create a pocket in meat placed in the chamber.
  2. Add your favorite ingredients to the pocket.
  3. Create the seal (with meat applied to the top of the Stufz) by pressing down on the handle (with the pocket former locked).




I’m a huge fan of the Burger Pocket Press, so it would be interesting to see how the Stufz would compare.

2012-07-29 21.35.06 HDR

The two products have a similarly sized meat chamber.  Both products can form stuffed burgers as well as regular burgers.  There are a couple of things that I really do like about the Stufz:

  • The product is one solid piece instead of multiple pieces.
  • The bottom of the Stufz is removable, allowing for easy removal of the burgers when finished with stuffing.


With advantages also come disadvantages.  The main complaint is that the mechanism that locks/unlocks the handle for forming the pocket sometimes feels clunky.  I had to make extra certain that the pocket former was securely locked when trying to form unstuffed hamburger patties.  Sometimes the pocket former would come unlocked when attempting to pull the handle back up.  Another issue is the price point – some may find the price of this gadget ($19.99) a bit high.

Overall, I would say that the pluses to this gadget definitely outweigh the minuses.  Having everything in one connected unit is very convenient, and the removable bottom is absolute gold!

You can purchase the Stufz Ultimate Burger Stuffing System from the product’s website at  You can also find Stufz on Facebook.

  • Rocky Decatur

    So I see see commercial on TV and think what an awesome idea. Beats doing this by hand. So I jump online and order a set. Cool I’ll be throwing down some tasty burgers. 2 days later i receive a call from one Emily Dickson (866) 379-2003 she is ecstatic with my stufz purchase and that she will be sending me vouchers for 100.00 worth of fuel which are absolutely mine to keep free of charge. Now I am familiar with this type of thing where our involves opting out. Essentially she told me that for a dollar I would have access to this discount shopping card of sorts and I would be billed 39.99 if I did not opt out. To top it off she already had my credit card information. Now considering I never opted in I’m not sure why I would opt out. I immediately told her no she insisted that I should keep the fuel vouchers and I again explained I wanted no part of it.

    Long and short if you do not wish to have your personal and financial information shared you probably should not purchase this product. If you are ok with this then I suggest you order it right away. I’m returning mine as soon as I receive it even if I need to pay the shipping please share this story with everyone so that they know. I posted the comments on both of their walls and they removed them right away. they apparently decided that I should not be able to post either so I had to get creative. I guess the truth hurts.

    • DocS9788

      YEP! 100 percent the SAME experience! DO NOT Purchase this product direct.

    • Wow! I didn’t realize you had that kind of experience… I hate that was the case. I’d most certainly recommend going through a retailer such as Amazon in the future. It’s a decent product, but it sounds like there’s some shady stuff going on there…

  • Rattskit

    As soon as I ordered (online) I get a call from some jerk and I was not polite as I ordered online so as Not to talk to any minions for a cheap plastic burger press. I must have ticked him off as I haven’t seen my product yet. They will be hearing from my financial institution.