BBQ Pitmasters Season Finale, Plus Episode 5 Recap

The finale for Season 3 of BBQ Pitmasters is tonight.  It was filmed in Lexington, NC at the BBQ Capital Cook Off, and the contestants in this episode are cooking pork shoulder and spare ribs.  This episode will feature the winners from the previous 5 episodes:


I was able to attend the filming of this episode (with Lexington being approximately an hour from Charlotte).  However, I have no idea who wins.  So you’ll just have to tune in.  Needless to say, the caliber of contestants on this episode is top-notch.  Below is a sneak preview of tonight’s episode.  The video below from Destination America reveals a surprise or 2 for the finale.

Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 was filmed at Pork in the Park in Salisbury, MD.  The contestants for this episode were as follows (in order of finish):

  1. Danielle Dimovski – DivaQ
  2. Rob Marion – 2 Worthless Nuts
  3. Randy Hill – Southern Krunk Burn One Boys BBQ

For Episode 5, the contestants cooked chicken and rack of pork.  The chicken entry required both white and dark meat.  In terms of number of drinks, Episode 5 was fairly tame.  I tallied a total of 7 drinks for this episode.  While this may have not featured a lot of elements that triggered a drink, it was very much an entertaining episode.  All of the contestants were truly excellent pitmasters.  Here were some of my observations from this episode:

  • Many people have decried Randy for turning in a single half-chicken instead of three individual servings.  I actually learned that the half chicken entry is a standard entry in IBCA sanctioned events (thanks to Randy for this piece of information).
  • It was really interesting to see the different approaches in cooking the rack of pork.  Rob deconstructed his entry to the loin and ribs, Danielle trimmed hers by removing the thin strip of meat between the rib bones (known as French cut or Frenching), and Randy left his fully in-tact. 
  • Danielle really knows her stuff!  She truly shows off her creativity and full arsenal of cooking techniques in this episode.

Don’t forget to tune in to BBQ Pitmasters tonight at 9pm EST on Destination America.  If you’re following along on Twitter, don’t forget to participate in the BBQ Pitmasters Drinking Game