A Big Welcome to Big Al

If you’ve been keeping up for the last month and a half, you’ll notice that there is a new contributor on here.  I should have introduced him much sooner, but I’m a slacker.  So better late than never.  Please give a big welcome to Alan Bowman!

canadian bakin

Alan has been cooking on the competitive circuit for approximately two years.  He is currently the pitmaster for Baumann’s Fine Meats as well as for the Canadian Bakin’ BBQ Team.  Alan is a member of the St. Louis BBQ Society as well as a certified BBQ judge.  This past weekend his team won grand champion in the Route 66 BBQ Challenge with a 1st in chicken, 2nd in brisket, 4th in ribs, and 5th in pork. 

You can take a look at the reviews he has already written by going to http://www.bigwaynerbbq.com/category/alan-bowman-reviews/.  He will focus on product reviews, BBQ competition recaps, and pretty much anything else he feels like writing about.  So please make him feel welcome.  If you’re interested in having him review your product, contact him by email or on Facebook.