Hog Heaven Smokehouse Heat BBQ Sauce

If you recall sometime back, I did a dual review of sauces from Hog Heaven BBQ Sauces.  Today’s review is also from Hog Heaven BBQ Sauces – Smokehouse Heat

2012-06-12 12.32.01

The Sauce

The sauce that I received was in a small half-pint jar.  However, this is a pre-release jar and will be sold in 16 oz. jars.  Like the other Hog Heaven sauces reviewed, the label is attractive and vibrant in color – very similarly styled to the Smokehouse flavor.  There was no ingredient list on the label. 

  • Appearance – thick consistency, dark red color
  • Aroma – very strong smoke presence
  • A Taste – very strong on smoke, good heat and spice for a hot BBQ sauce

2012-06-12 12.32.49 HDR

The Results

I used the sauce in a couple of different ways.  The first was as a condiment on a chicken sandwich. 

2012-06-12 12.33.54

The sauce sat nicely on top of the meat.  The overpowering smokiness subsided some, but it was still present.  For what the sauce tries to achieve, the smoke flavor works.  This would also do similarly well as a finishing sauce.  I also used it as an ingredient in some BBQ baked beans.  Both my wife and I agreed that the beans were fantastic and that the sauce played a vital part.

My recommendation: if you are adverse to a strong smoke flavor in your BBQ sauces, then pass on this one.  If you don’t mind smoke and heat, then give this a shot!

Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce can be found on the web at http://www.hogheavenfoods.com/.  As of this writing, the site is under construction, so go check Hog Heaven out on Facebook and Twitter.