Get in the Grillerhood — McCormick® Grill Mates® Giveaway

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that you simply cannot pass up. I have received such an opportunity, and I can’t wait to share it with you below.


This summer I will be working with McCormick® Grill Mates® to promote “The Grillerhood” – a social network hub allowing grill masters from all over the world to collaborate and share their secrets with one another. “The Grillerhood” aims to do the following:

  • Establish the “True Rules of Grilling” through Facebook polls, online conversations, and expert insight,
  • Scope out the latest trends and flavor profiles with the assistance of brand-new Grill Mates® seasonings and rubs, and
  • Determine who in America is worthy enough to be the ultimate Grill Mayor.

Throughout the summer, Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog will feature various recipes using different McCormick® Grill Mates® seasonings. One of the products that most appeals to me is the Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon seasoning. How can you go wrong with bacon? Check out this recipe below from McCormick® for a Molasses Bacon burger:

molasses bacon burger

Molasses Bacon Burger

Prep Time: Appx. 15 minutes
Cook Time: Appx. 15 minutes


  • 1 lb. ground beef (I recommend 80/20 ground beef for optimal flavor)
  • 1 tbsp. McCormick® Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon Seasoning
  • 4 slices of your favorite cheese (optional)
  • 4 hamburger buns
  • Lettuce, tomato, other condiments (optional)


  1. Preheat your grill to medium heat.
  2. Mix ground beef and McCormick® Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon Seasoning together until thoroughly blended. Form into four ¼ lb. patties.
  3. Grill over direct medium heat for 4-6 minutes per side or until internal temperature of meat reaches 160° F.
  4. (Optional) Top burger patties with cheese slices and let melt on patties.
  5. Toast hamburger buns on the grill, open side down, for approximately 30 seconds.
  6. Serve burgers on toasted buns. Garnish with desired toppings and garnishes.

So how would you use the new Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon seasoning? Let me know in the comments section of this post. The best original use of the seasoning will win an exclusive kit with the below items:

grillmates kit

  • Grilling apron, oven mitt, and chef’s hat
  • Grilling utensils including a grill fork, spatula, and tongs
  • An assortment of the latest McCormick® Grill Mates® seasonings

Extra credit will be given to those who go and participate in “The Grillerhood”. Contest ends a week from today, so get going!! Good luck!

(Disclaimer: this post is sponsored as part of a partnership with McCormick® Seasonings)

  • molasses bacon rub on some bacon to make some pig candy then take the pig candy chop it up after tasting it a few time and might have to make a second batch. then mix in with some grilled onion and roasted potatoes along with mayo a bit of mustard for the best side salad

  • Rgwiazdzinski

    i would use the molasses bacon rub on some chunks of bacon that i would wrap qaround some jalapeno poppers and smoke!!!

  • Paulajroy

    I would add the seasoning to a batch of cornbread which I would ‘bake’ on the barbeque in a cast iron pan, to be served alongside some pulled pork, seasoned with molasses-bacon mixture and slowly smoked for many hours. In fact, I think that’s exactly what i’ll make today!

  • Todd “Doomer” Dooms

    I’d start out with it mixed into ground beef (or venison if I have it) and make up a bunch of moink (or doink) balls, then use it as a rib rub. a little while on the smoker and you’ve got yourself some great eatin’

  • Hawgcountycoolers

    I would first take the molasses/ bacon seasoning and make a biscuit/ bun glazed with butter and then fresh grind and mix molasses/bacon into grind and make a nice burger and top ped with chedder jalopenos and onion and there would be a killer burger!!!!

  • Shane

    I would take it in a completely direction and go full on dessert with it. I would make fresh glazed donuts and us the seasoning as a bacon molasses sprinkle. Then in the center of the donut whole I would put a scoop of ice cream. On that ice cream I would drizzle fresh molasses again sprinkled with more of the bacon molasses sprinkles.

    • Kevin Bobo

      Glazed donuts with bacon molasses sprinkles…making me hungry!

  • How about some grilled chicken and pineapple with molasses bacon rub. Or grilled shrimp and pineapple kabobs with molasses bacon rub.

  • William S.

    I would add it to applesauce, add some brown sugar and cider vinegar. (Maybe some onions, garlic and jalapeños too) Then slow cook it till it became apple butter consistency. Should go great with chops, chicken, brats, and ribs.

  • John Setzler

    I think I would use the Grill Mates Molasses Bacon seasoning in a roux that would be incorporated into a dish of smoked macaroni and cheese which would include parmesan, gruyere, and cheddar cheeses. I’d also add some of the seasoning to a bread crumb mixture to top that dish… toss it on the grill with some apple wood smoke until it was bubbly and golden brown on top… In my back yard, seasonings aren’t just for meat 🙂

  • Michael De Los Santos

    Smoked mashed potatoes. Basically, I would cut the potatoes as I would traditionally if I was going to boil them first. Then instead of boiling them I would season them with the Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon seasoning and them smoke them with some charcoal and hickory wood. After they get the softness required make the mashed potatoes and you have smoked mashed potatoes. I have done this a few times and it is great and can only be enhanced by the flavor of bacon!!!!!

  • Bill

    I would grill up some baked apples,& fill the center up with this seasoning.

  • Cjsorel

    How about making some pig candy with bacon molasses sprinkle then wrap pretzel dough around them. Bake to tasty perfection

  • Don Parr


  • Monica Young

    I personally would let it marinate on a one inch thick London broil steak but that’s just me. I must be pretty lame or boring cause I’d love to try it on some steak. Yeah baby!

  • Toolboxdiver

    I just use it as a base and go with a Hot and sweet type burger by adding some Chipolte powder to the mix with the Molasses bacon seasoning. Then take it over the top with Grilled Sweet Onions, Mushrooms and top it with more bacon and Melted Cheese

  • MBurt4

    Molasses Bacon….ahhh. Can you say Cowboy Baked Beans? As my recipe calls for molasses AND bacon, I use the McCormicks molasses baconn in three fold. I sift it on lightly to the bacon while frying when its almost time to pull. I mix with beans (about 1-2 tbsp). Lastly, I mix it with 1lb of ground beef as its browning. The seasoning works well into the beans but doesnt totally dissolve, so you can see the seasonings AND appreciate the flavor in every bite!

  • Steve Korot

    I could think of various ways to use the bacon molasses seasoning, like gravies, over eggs, as a rub on fowl chicken or turkey, as well as any pork products…I feel its very versatile and easy to use

  • The entries have been reviewed, and MBurt4’s recipe was selected as the winner! Shoot me an email at [email protected] with your shipping info!

    • MBurt4

      I have done so…thank you Wayne! I’m stoked!