Famous Dave’s – Bozeman, MT

Montana is well-known for it’s bison and beef.  BBQ?  Not so much.  So on my recent trip to Bozeman, MT, I scoped out my BBQ options.  There was one option – Famous Dave’s.  After reading a review from my friend Lionel, I was a bit nervous.  I certainly didn’t want to go and have a terrible dinner, but I decided to take the plunge.  I’m glad I did.

For those of you not familiar, Famous Dave’s is a restaurant chain with over 170 locations in 35 states.  The franchise was founded by “Famous” Dave Anderson.  Dave is the quintessential visionary and entrepreneur, having overcome adversity, turmoil, and bankruptcy to launch one of the best known BBQ chains in the United States.  He is also a highly sought after speaker and has made appearances on all the major networks. 

So I was driving around trying to find the location when I came upon this truck.  I knew who to follow…


Inside the restaurant, the décor was very comfortable and inviting. 




And the staff…  the staff was some of the absolute friendliest that I have ever come across at a restaurant.  The waitress who was taking care of my table had a shirt on that said on the back “Yes, there is a Dave and he is famous.”  I think I blew her mind when I told her that I’ve met Famous Dave.  While waiting on my entrée to come out, she brought out a bowl of chips and started to tell me a little about each of the sauces available on the table (for the record, there are 5 different sauces on the table, with an additional sauce that you can request).  I asked if I could video her presentation, and she was kind enough to oblige.


Now on to the food… I decided to go with a combo of St. Louis style spare ribs and brisket.  For one of my two sides, I requested Dave’s cheesy macaroni and cheese.  I asked my waitress to surprise me for the other side dish – I ended up getting Creamy Coleslaw.






The ribs had excellent flavor!  They were sticky ribs (which is how I like them), and they left a clean bite mark when bitten into.


The brisket had an interesting flavor.  It did not taste like any brisket I previously had.  It almost had a beef jerky-ish type flavor.  It was also the smallest brisket I’ve ever eaten.  Nevertheless, it was good, and I ate it.


The coleslaw was very creamy and tasty.  The macaroni and cheese was very cheesy and creamy.  The corn added a change in texture that was pleasant.  I was hoping for more of a jalapeno kick though. 

All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased with my meal at Famous Dave’s in Bozeman, MT.  The staff there are definitely doing things right!

The Bozeman location of Famous Dave’s is located at 1230 N. 7th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715. 

  • I need to try the FD in Knoxville again. We tried them years ago after they first opened and haven’t stepped foot in there since (enough said). I should give them a second chance.

    • I almost tried the FD in Knoxville on the way back from the Jack.

  • Although i have not tried till yet but after going through your post ready to go just now.Thanks for sharing it with us the pictures are very nice mouth watering even i liked the place also very much.

  • angmac

    Next time you visit you will certainly have to check out Bar 3 BBQ!