Getting’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ Live at Memphis in May

During Memphis in May 2012, we saw many different BBQ personalities.  One of those personalities was Darryl Mast of, quite possibly the hardest working man in BBQ today.  Darryl is also the driving force behind the weekly online radio show Gettin’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ.  Darryl and Shane came up with the crazy idea to not only do the weekly podcast from Memphis in May, but to also video it. 

The format of the show was a Memphis in May roundtable and included such distinguished guests as Jesse Black from ThermoWorks, Robyn Medlin Lindars from, Mark Graham from Fahrenheit Technologies (makers of the Grilla pellet cooker), George Karcher from Tucker Cooker, and Mr. Darryl Mast himself.  They even decided to let me on the show.


The video for the roundtable is below.  Enjoy!!