Double Review: Weber BBQ Sauce and Three Little Pigs Rub


As a bbq enthusiast, I’m always looking for rub and sauce combinations that work well together. Today’s attempt, Weber Buzz’n Honey BBQ Sauce and Three Little Pigs Kansas City Touch of Honey Rub.

First up, the rub…

Label: Appealing picture of actual bbq below three cartoon pigs. The big blue ribbon touting American Royal championships a big plus.

Visual: Very light orange in color. Specks of black pepper can be seen in a sea of brown sugar, salt and white sugar.

Smell: Sweet, but there is and odd, dark scent…might be the mesquite? I’m not smelling the cherry?

Raw Taste: Super sweet, almost candy-like. A very slight cherry taste but the dark taste is prominent.

Let’s rub some in! Looks fantastic on some center cut pork steaks.

On to the sauce….

Label: Simple and classy with the classic Weber logo prominent. The phrases “all natural and no corn syrup” caught my eye.

Visual: Medium-thick, red…very ketchup like, with little specs of goodness visible.

Smell: Strong tomato and vinegar scents. No liquid smoke here.

Raw Taste: Tomato sauce with sugar and molasses. A very slight peppery taste at the finish. Not getting the honey flavor I’d hoped for.

Let’s put some on some meat! Here we have those pork steaks, this time glazed with Weber’s sauce. Looking tasty.

The results:

Rub: I just didn’t get the cherry taste I’d hoped for. The rub was just average…I’d rate this a 3 out of 5.

Sauce: Weber is a name I’ve come to trust in my cookers, but the sauce didn’t meet my expectations. Too much like ketchup. Even after cooking it on for an hour it just didn’t have that punch I like in a sauce. Another 3 out of 5.

Final Thought: While this rub/sauce combination doesn’t necessarily clash, it doesn’t promote the symmetry I was looking for either.

  • Shane

    For me any sauce that has to list “real molasses” prominently on the front label is suspect. I applaud Weber for jumping into every sort of grilling related products out there, but as with anything the question has to be asked….Is it not better to be great a few things vice being average or worse at everything?

  • I like Billy Bones XXX Cherry Rub mixed 50/50 with a “regular” bbq rub. I also add some cherry preserves to my bbq sauce for that. Come to think of it, I haven’t made my cherry ribs this year, time for back to basics! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • We’ve recently cracked open the Weber’s Real Molasses Original BBQ Sauce, and found the taste just as plain and ketchup-y as this reviewer found the Buzz’n Honey version. I was disappointed.