Day 3 of Memphis in May – Down to Business

Day 3… the day of reckoning.  This is the day when the gloves come off, and teams get down to the business of preparing turn-ins for their respective categories.  I arrived on-site around 8:00 am, and I must say our hog was looking really, really good!



The morning went on, and the pig cooked on.  At around 11:30am, the team started to assemble the turn-in box, which was due for turn-in between 12:00pm and 12:15pm.  (Pictures below courtesy of Ben Wilson of Q-Bones BBQ)



Below is a video of the box prep process.

After the box turn-in, it was mere minutes before the first of the three on-site judges show up.  For those of you unfamiliar with the style of Memphis in May judging, there are 2 components – blind box judging and on-site judging.  For the on-site judging, three judges go to your area one at a time at approximately 15 minute intervals to view your site and judge the meat on-site.  I was not able to get video of the on-site judging, but I do have a few photos (thanks again to Ben from Q-Bones).







Unfortunately Tucker Cooker did not make finals, but we finished a respectable 16th out of 38 teams, outpacing such well-known teams as Jack’s Old South and Famous Dave’s.  Considering that this was the 5th whole hog ever cooked by the guys who cooked the pig, it makes the results that much better!  (Full results for the whole hog category can be downloaded from the Memphis in May website).  A huge congratulations goes out to Pete & Melissa Cookston of Yazoo’s Delta Q for winning the whole hog category as well as the overall grand champion of Memphis in May!  Full results are available on the Memphis in May website.

A huge thank you goes out to George and Holly from Tucker Cooker for allowing me to join the team this year.  I got to experience first-hand the versatility and quality behind the cookers, having seen them used from hamburgers to whole hog!  More pictures are available on my Facebook page.

  • Great series, Wayne.