Day 2 of Memphis in May – Picking Up Speed

With day 1 of Memphis in May in the books, it’s time to move on to day 2.  The arrival this morning brought the delivery of the hogs to use for the whole hog cooking contest as well as the finishing of brisket for the beef turn-in. 



This day brought about more of a business feel, as the ancillary categories were to be turned in today.  This included 3 sauces (tomato, mustard, vinegar), beef, poultry, seafood, exotic, and hot wings.  While various team members worked on their respective categories, others worked on construction of holding boxes to put the hogs on ice until prep time.  Even yours truly got involved, assisting with the chicken turn-in.









Helping with the chicken turn-in really allowed me to work with the Tucker Cooker and get a small taste of the cooker’s versatility. 

The results for our ancillary contest turn-ins were varied.  Our sauces did well, while our food items ran anywhere from the middle of the pack to not as good as we hoped.  The results from our ancillary turn-ins are below:

  • Hot Wings – 108/121
  • Exotic – 63/78
  • Beef – 36/105
  • Seafood – 81/102
  • Poultry – 54/98
  • Tomato-based Sauce – 30/121
  • Vinegar-based Sauce – 23/75
  • Mustard-based Sauce – 35/73

Later that afternoon, the team all got together to prep the hogs.






I was able to get about an hour and a half of footage of prepping the hog.  You can view the video below.

In addition to getting down to business, there was also plenty of time to get out and meet people and catch up with friends.  One of the first people I ran into that morning was Larry Gaian of The BBQ Grail.  For those of you not familiar with Larry’s site, you must go and check it out at


That afternoon, we taped a live show of Gettin’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ live to talk about the Memphis in May experience!



Finally, that evening I had the privilege of hanging out with the Ubon’s team.  If you ever get the chance to meet them, don’t pass it up!  Garry, Leslie, Reggie (the Mayor of Barbecueville) and the whole crew are some of the nicest people on the face of the planet!




This brings day 2 of Memphis in May to a close.  Next up is day 3, the day of reckoning for whole hog. 

  • Chris

    Great pics! Seems so fun.