KCBS Event Review: The Kickoff Cookoff in Florissant, MO

Despite being the highest per capita consumer of bbq sauce in the United States, the St. Louis MO area doesn’t host many KCBS competitions. The weekend of May 11 and 12 some of the best bbq teams in the country gathered in the nearby community of Florissant, MO to see if these bbq sauce drinking St. Louisians really knew what good bbq tastes like.


Arrival Friday was beautiful. Near 70 degrees, sunny and not a hint of rain. As teams showed up I walked around an took a few pictures. Mc Frankenboo is here…they are a top finisher in the area. Quau is here…they are an annual team of the year finisher. Rippel-Que…he just won a huge Sam’s Club event in Jefferson City. Gilley’s BBQ, 4 Smokin Butts, Brewmaster BBQ…uh oh. This is one tough field of competitors. This bunch of backyard cookers might be in trouble.

Jeff Rippelmeyer from Rippel-Que stopped by with some tips and suggestions.  When Jeff speaks, we listen.  Here he is back at his site, pulling some tasty que from his Rebel smoker.  Yes, he makes his own cookers!

Our neighbors were A Pig’s Worst Nightmare.  These folks, many on the board of the St Louis BBQ Society, know how to cook…and how to party.


In the end, we took 2nd in pork steaks, 5th in ribs and finished middle of the pack overall.  Congratulations to Blazin’ Blues BBQ for taking Grand Champion and Brewmaster for getting Reserve Grand Champion.  But the real winner was Childhood Cancer Research, the charity to which the new proceeds was donated.