Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ in Charlotte

For the last five years, over 46,000 people have come out to visit the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival here in Charlotte, NC.  This year’s event proved to be just as much of a hit. 


The event was put on by, a part of Trigger Agency Events and Promotions.  Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ has stops in eight different cities during the 2012 calendar year – Charlotte was the 4th stop.  Over 60 beers and 40 bourbons were available for tasting, and multiple BBQ vendors were present slinging ‘que.  While the beer and bourbon may have been the major stars of this event, the BBQ was just as good.  Charlotte was well represented by Mac’s Speed Shop and Rock Store Bar-B-Q as well as The Little Red Pig.




I also had the privilege of meeting Richard Middleton of Red, White, and Que from Waxhaw, NC.  Richard is a BBQ Team Ambassador for Trybe Targeting, and he is also a Tucker Cooker owner.  In talking with Richard, he relayed his experiences with the Tucker Cooker.  He has had his cooker for nearly 8 years, and it was in immaculate shape when I checked it out!




I also came across a couple of vendors with BBQ-related products.  Thanks to them, I’ll have some new items to review after returning from Memphis in May.  Oh yeah, and no festival is complete without some eye candy. 


Quick and Dirty Pros and Cons


  • Lots of beer & bourbon selections.
  • Admission into the event gets you unlimited tastings of beer/bourbon.
  • Live music


  • Steep price ($45 for VIP admission, $35 for regular admission)
  • Not as many BBQ vendors as I would’ve hoped

Interested in seeing more pictures?  You can find them on Facebook!!

  • Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre

    Looks like a fun time was had by Big Wayne 🙂

  • Love the photo Wayne. Thats some nice eye candy.

    • Amazing how much better a picture of me looks when you get some eye candy in it!

  • Grafixgibbs

    Wish I would have known about this. I would have joined you. Looks like a good event. Must keep my calendar open for next year.

  • Looks like a fun event even if the BBQ vendors were sparse.

    • It was a good event. My first time to attend. For lovers of beer and bourbon, it’s a must!

  • Rbdclem

    Price was good ( i was VIP) even if just to beat crowds that came later, but a more unique selection of beer would have been better with more local breweries represented. most of what was served could be found in the local store, including BUD??? This does not belong at a beer festival!

    • It would have been nice to have more of a local brewery presence, especially with the abundance of those that are in NoDa. My guess was that a lot of them were at Rural Hill that same weekend.