Interview with Tucker Cooker

Again, if I haven’t mentioned how freakin’ excited I am to be going to Memphis in May, I’ll mention it again…


There, now that I got that out of the way, I have got a huge thank you to give, and I plan to do that with this post.  I will be part of the Tucker Cooker team at Memphis in May, and I wanted to give everyone a chance to learn about Tucker Cooker and what they have to offer. 


Tucker Cooker is based out of Memphis, TN (in fact, not far at all from the Memphis in May site).  They take pride in building their cookers, using the best materials and skilled labor available to ensure that the fit, finish, and quality are top notch.  From talking with others, the Tucker Cooker is not just a “low-and-slow” piece of equipment – it is perfectly capable of handling direct-heat grilling just as well as offset cooking. 


Some of the features in this cooker include:

  • A tray adjuster gauge to indicate height of charcoal cooking tray without having to open the cooker lid.
  • Adjustable inside rack that provides three levels of cooking surface.
  • Vents located on each door to properly regulate airflow.
  • Full-length and full-width grease/ash pan.
  • Easily adjustable stacks.
  • Numerous optional accessories to customize the cooker and make it yours.

I wanted to find out more information about the company, so I emailed Holly Jones from Tucker Cooker some questions.  Her answers are below (BW – Big Wayner, HJ – Holly Jones).

BW: Can you tell me a little about how Tucker Cooker got started?

HJ: Through the years of building custom truck bodies we were  asked about building and designing custom Smokers for different customers. After designing custom truck bodies for years, George went to the shop one weekend and built a grill and smoker that we could use ourselves. That first week a friend came by and wanted to buy 15, that was the start of Tucker Cooker and it has grown ever since.

BW: Tell me a little about the Tucker Cooker.

HJ: Tucker Cookers are designed to allow  you to cook anything you could want all in one unit. The adjustable charcoal rack allows you to grill or barbecue direct. The offset firebox allows for easy smoking / indirect cooking. Tuckers are the right size to use by individuals or for commercial use.

BW: Why should someone consider purchasing a Tucker Cooker over another pit such as a Jambo?

HJ: We have  never cooked on one, so I can’t say anything from personal experience. I can say that, again, Tuckers are awesome in design and capabilities, and are beautiful to have in your back yard, catering, competitions and on and on.

Tuckers are fuel efficient and allow for hours of smoking at a constant temperature without tending the fire, all for $3695.

BW: What options do you offer as part of purchasing a Tucker Cooker?

HJ: We have designed several accessories that will allow for easily cooking anything you may want. The Whole Hog Kit, features a one piece rack and a water pan that hangs on brackets under the cooking racks. The Griddle allows you to cook pancakes, eggs, peppers and an endless number of other accessories, just pick accessories that would best suit your needs. You can also “upgrade”  to stainless steel and even chrome wheels. The newest accessory is a Warmer that is designed for full size restaurant pans and will hold a “warming” temperature while you are barbecuing.

We always try to keep Tuckers as affordable as possible, that is why we offer the standard model, which comes with everything you need, and gives you the option to buy pieces down the road. We build in jigs and fixtures and in production runs, and buy in large quantities, wheels for instance… this is one more way to keep costs low and allow us to pass the savings on.

BW: I think that it’s really great that you offer Tucker owners the chance to cook at Memphis in May!  How did that idea come about?

HJ: Tucker Cooker is located about a block from the South entrance to Tom Lee Park, where the MIM contest is held every year. We know a lot of  people on teams, and a lot of Teams that compete at MIM own Tucker Cookers. We also get to know lots of Tucker Owners, whether on Facebook, some want to take the trip to the home of barbecue to pick up their Tucker, or email and phone calls. The idea to compete as a Tucker Owner Team kind of just happened, but it really came together on Facebook. We wanted to give Tucker Owners the chance to compete in the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Deciding to enter as a Tucker Owner Team, we knew just how much time, work and money is involved. With the group of Barbecuers that came together that first year, it couldn’t have gone any easier. Everyone pitched in and made it easy and lots of fun. By the time that first week came to an end everyone was planning for the next year. This will be our third year, we still have most of that same group of people and everyone has become great friends and each year we all make more.


BW: Are there plans in the works for a backyard model?

HJ: Yes, but we are such a small company it takes time to design new products. We do have a prototype, not the final design, but it is basically what we are going for. Just like we test all of our products, we will test it as well before putting it up on our web site.

BW: How can people interested in purchasing a Tucker Cooker get started?

HJ: Our web site has a lot of information, we work on it constantly. You can call and we’d be more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.  You can email. There is also a page on our web site that allows for adding different pieces and automatically adds at the bottom of the page.

If you have purchased a Tucker Cooker, I’d love to get your feedback on how you like the cooker.  If you are interested in purchasing a Tucker Cooker, you can contact Holly through their website at  You can also give Holly a call at (901) 578-3221 or email her at [email protected]