Doing Double Duty

Most of you may already know, but a few weeks ago Brian Henderson of BBQ Sauce Reviews asked me to come on board as the official BBQ rub and seasoning reviewer.  This was an opportunity that I could not pass up!

I am super excited to be on board with Brian and Jay Prince contributing great content for everyone to see, and I’m super excited to give Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog more exposure through this opportunity.

You can get to my reviews of BBQ rubs and seasonings by clicking on this link.

  • Awesomeness. Congrats!

  • Grafixgibbs


  • Brian

    glad to have you on the team. still working on that meaty opportunity I mentioned last week!

  • Ernierupp

    Glad you got the new gig.

  • good gig aye?

  • It’s great to see the BBQ blogging gurus join forces!

  • Jay Prince

    Glad you’re part of the team bro! Looking forward to our trip to Memphis in May soon! Going to be a blast!