Best Of: Presidents Day Edition

Another week has come and gone!  For those of you who have Presidents Day off, please know that I completely and totally envy you!  Anyhow, check out some recommended links for your viewing pleasure!

  • Lakeland Pig Fest is one of the best known BBQ competitions on the circuit and is on my bucket list of events to check out.  My good friend Wilfred Reinke (aka the Oshawa Ogre) traveled to the event, and here is a good article talking about why he likes this event.
  • The National BBQ News is kicking off their 2012 Sauces of Honor contest.  Sauce makers (whether commercial or home-made) can enter their sauces based on what type of meat the sauce is to be used on.  The registration form can be found on their website.
  • JM of Celebrity Grill Show has got two huge giveaways going on right now – one for Twitter followers and one for Facebook fans.  Click here for more information on those giveaways.
  • Check out this review of the Meatrake by Jay Prince, tech and gadget reviewer extraordinaire on BBQ Sauce Reviews.  If you use Bear Paws for handling pork, you’ll be interested in reading about this product.
  • Kevin’s BBQ Joints is teaming up with Big Butz BBQ Sauce to do a giveaway!  Go check out the contest but don’t enter, because I want to win…  Winking smile
  • And finally, a little bit of self-promotion…  go check out this guest blog I wrote for Grilling with Rich about BBQ in the Carolinas!