Happy New Year!

Well… 2011 is in the book, and 2012 is upon us, staring us in the face!  Happy New Year to everyone!  I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you that read what I have to say.  I can’t believe that it was nearly a year ago when all of this got started with a review of C-Dub’s Hot Wang Rub.  It’s been a fun and crazy ride ever since!

Happy New Year!

Last year was a year of many firsts.  I had the opportunity to try out and review some of the best small-batch BBQ sauces available in the country.  I also had the opportunity to try out many excellent BBQ rubs and spices as well as several grilling & BBQ gadgets/tools and mobile apps.

But what was my favorite part of 2011?  The people!  As a KCBS judge, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the Carolinas this year to meet fellow judges as well as several teams.  I’ve also had the opportunity to meet other bloggers and BBQ personalities.  The culmination of all of this?  Going to the Jack!!  And I met so many amazing people there!

So to everyone out there, I wish the best for you in 2012!

  • http://www.nibblemethis.com Chris

    Happy New Year, Wayne!

    • brownkw

      Thanks, Chris!

  • http://hotsaucedaily.com Brian Meagher

    Happy New Year Big Wayne! I trust your reviews and enjoy reading what you have to say. Keep it up my friend. ~brian

    • brownkw

      Thank you, Brian! I really appreciate it!