Pig in a Big Blanket

I’m departing a bit from the usual reviews to talk about…  dinner.  Yeah, dinner.

Now by no means am I a great chef or cook.  I leave that in the capable hands of those such as Robyn from GrillGrrrl, Chris from NibbleMeThis, and The BBQ Grail himself.  So while taking the risk of looking pale in comparison to their culinary delights, here’s what I cooked for dinner…

I can hear you thinking…  “Big deal, it’s a burrito.  What’s in it?”  It’s more than a burrito… it’s a Pig in a Big Blanket.  Honestly, it’s nothing special, but it sure was an easy dinner to cook.  Remember that yummy pork butt I cooked thanks to Socks’ Love Rub (if you don’t remember, look here)?  I ended up with 7 serving portions of it, so out came one of the portions from the freezer.  The pork was thawed out and re-heated while adding a little bit of VooDoo Rub from C-Dub’s BBQ Rub.  It all goes onto the wrap.

The wrap needed a little bit of something else…  onion!  I sauteed the sliced onion in some olive oil and the tasty bits left over from reheating the pork.  The onions also got some of the VooDoo Rub as well as a small drizzle of Nephew’s Cherry’Potle BBQ Sauce.  The onions went on to the wrap as well.

A simple dinner, yet satisfying.  A nice touch of heat, smokiness, and pig.  No extra sauce needed.

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