Checking out The SKrAPr GrILLr, Plus a Contest

Sometime back, I started hearing about this new BBQ & grill cleaning tool on Twitter.  Not too long after, Annette Penney — director of social media marketing for The SKrAPr — contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out this tool.  I’m always looking to try out new tools and gadgets, so how could I refuse?  So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The SKrAPr GrILLr!



The BBQ tool is about 8 1/2 inches long from the handle to the farthest tip of the blade.  The blade itself is just over 2 inches long, and as you can see, each side of the blade is notched with one side of the blade coming to a hard point.  The package also came with a GrILLr Jr., a minature all-metal version of the tool that is sized to fit on a keychain.

I can hear some people asking, “Why should I replace my grill brush with this?”  And the answer is, you shouldn’t.  This tool is not meant to replace your grill brush.  It’s intended to complement the grill brush by giving you a durable blade to help remove that crud from your grill grates that is insanely hard to remove.  As you can see in the pictures below, the notched sides come in really handy when cleaning those tight spots.

Using the notches

Using the notch to clean

The result that I found in using this tool is that it’s a great supplement to a grill brush.  The notched edges really allowed me to get in the nooks and crannies of the grill.  One thing that I will note is that the tool is meant to be used on a cold grill.

The website for The SKrAPr line of products is  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  A huge thank you goes to Annette Penney for reaching out to me and asking me to try out this tool.

Like this product so far?  I have an extra GrILLr that I will be giving away!  Just leave me a comment below.  You can tell me why you deserve to win this prize, you can tell me a funny joke…  heck, you can even beg!  I’ll pick a winner at random.  Contest ends Saturday at 11:59pm EST.

  • cjsorel

    simple I broke the darn scrapper again on my darn stupid little weber Q. Love the thing but it get krud faster than a stripper

  • Troy Wells

    Looks like it would work really good getting the crud off the bottom and side of the grates where my brush wont touch… Id give it a try! :)

  • Cyndi Allison

    Trust me. I have some grill crud. Enough to share (-:

  • Todd “Doomer” Dooms

    I need it cause 2 grill get really gunked up…it’ll help keep my grilling clean!

  • Karma Per Diem

    Seriously, I would use it to clean my smoker–virtually impossible to clean a smoker’s grills…. Thanks!

  • zydecopaws

    You should give it to me because Bubba Ho-Keg needs a new toothpick.

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe
  • Neil Buchwalter

    I’d use the GrILLr to keep the grill grates on my GMG smoker looking the way they did when I first brought it home.

  • Bobby Shores AKA ReclinerQB

    If I have this grill brush then I can spend longer on my grill & less time inside with my wife & stepdaughter (whom I love very very much) who torture me with shows like Project Runway & America’s Next Top Model whenever I grill. I don’t get why they start those shows everytime I grill & force me to watch them when I get done! And go Arkansas Razorbacks!!!

  • Kevin

    I need the GrILLr to keep my grates clean, and as a scraper (paint’n the house next week!)

  • Kirk Muncrief (@AlbuKirkyBBQ)

    I need a SKrAPr to keep my grill all purty for my blog photos. Help a fellow blogger out man!